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Open Street Map The open source map edited and maintaind by everyone. A kind op map pendant to Wikipedia 
Wget A small open soruce utility used from the command line to download a web page, instead af showing it in a browser. Wget is preinstalled in both Linux and MacOS, but not on Windows - get it yourself! 
Mkgmap A java application delivered by It's used to convert the OSM data extracted with the OSM xapi into a Garmin compatible map 
Xapi The OSM Extended API, used to read create the osm XML data file for a particular area (which is the input date for mkgmap) 
Mountainbike A list of the designated MTB tags used to make up the openmtbmap  
maptk Tool used to compile TYP files for Garmin images 
Cyclemaps Short tutoril for making cycle oriented maps (a la opencyclemap) for your Garmin 
TYP file editor (online) Uplad a TYP file,and modify it, at create a new one from scratch 
SRMT data Topografisk information i OSM kort 
GroungTruth An alternative to mkgmap, also supports contour (SRMT) data 
Tile Splitter The format used for Garmin maps has, in effect, a maximum size, meaning that you have to split an .osm file that contains large well mapped regions into a number of smaller tiles. This program does that. 
Singletrailskala Den Officielle (tyske) skala som benyttes til klassifikation af spor 
Showing 12 items