Map data

Allthough it's fairly easy to add new data to OSM youself, it's not quite as easy to get fresh updates to use for building maps.

Open Street Maps has it's own interface (api) which works on real-time on live most recent date, unfortunately there is a restriction on this api which means that it's only very small areas you can retrive using the api. For getting larger chunks of data OSM supports teh Extende api (xapi) but data here is often several weeks behind the most recent updates, and therefore pretty useless.

If you want to experiment with api and xapi you access have a look at the xapi and api subpage.

The easies way is to get current data is to get it from Geofabrik in Germany, their maps are updated every night, based on the change sets added to OSM, so any selfmade changes you add to OSM should be available the morning of the following day.

I create a 'bin' directroy and change directory into here:

mkdir bin
cd bin
mkdir geofabrik
wget -O geofabrik/denmark.osm.bz2