Get the tools

Note that the tools might exist in newer versions, go to the websites and check if necessary.

Where to install

I have created a folder named 'mkgmap' which I have set as the current directory for all the commands below

mkdir mkgmap
cd mkgmap

When I install the tools I also remove the version reference from the directory names in otder to make my build scrips more generis and version independant.


You need the mkgmap build utility. This is a Open Source tools that can read the OSM data format and compile it into maps that are compatible with Garmin.

Home of mkgmap:

gunzip mkgmap-r2012.tar.gz
tar -xf mkgmap-r2012.tar
unlink mkgmap-r2012.tar
mv mkgmap-r2012 mkgmap

Tile Splitter

You also need the tile splitter if the OSM data you use is above a certain size. In most cases it's necessary.
The splitter simply splits the OSM data into smaller chunks which matches the amount of data chunks that mkgmap kan handle.

Home of Tile Splitter:

Install (ubuntu shell commands)

gunzip splitter-r179.tar.gz
tar -xf splitter-r179.tar
unlink splitter-r179.tar
mv splitter-r179/ splitter

Cyclemap styles

The Cyclemap styles are available as a checkout from subversion

I you don't have subversion installed start with this command - if you do, skip directly to the checkout

sudo apt-get -y install subversion

Now get the cyclemap data
svn co
now get the TYP file as well and place it in the cyclemap directory you've just checked out

cd cyclemap