This WIKI is a log and inspiration for experimenting with Open Street Map at openstreetmap.org and it's siblings at opencyclemap.org and openmtbmap.org.

My goal is to get cyclemaps for my own area and since I live in Denmark, and neither openmtbmap or opencyclemap are currently including Denmark I have to compile my map it myself.

I also make frequent update to Open Street Map which I want to show up on my Garmin, and therefore I have to rebuild my map frequently.

These pages describe the process I use for compiling the map. The rough lay-out of the process is listed in the next column.

  • Make an update to OSM
  • Get the tools and dependencies you need to compile (mkgmap, tile-splitter and the cyclemap style)
  • Get the SRTM (terrain contour) data from NASA
  • Download the maps data (with your own updates)
  • Split the data into tiles (smaller sizes which the tools can handle)
  • Create a config file (build parameters) that specially supports MTB tracks
  • Build the maps from OSM and NASA
  • Link the maps into a Garmin compatible map (gmapsupp.img)
  • Copy it onto your Garmins SD card
  • Hit the trails